The energy is extracted at low temperature and through a process of compression in a refrigerant circuit by means of a compressor (powered by electrical energy) reaches a temperature high and can thus used for heating and hot water and with the investment of the refrigerating cycle to produce cold.


1. the simple structure of a heat pump consists of the following elements: compressor, evaporator, condenser and expansion system. geotermia-vertical-baja In a closed circuit circulates a coolant, which captures the heat from the ground, which is distributed through the condenser, the heating circuit and the ACS acquisition system.

2. all this is done in the interior of the closed circuit of the geothermal heat pump in which a suitable compound (coolant) evaporates constantly, then compressed and condenses again. In this way it is possible to take the heat from a lower temperature level to another higher or the right cycle investing otherwise (cold generation).

3. geothermal heat pump also benefited by the characteristics of the subsoil that is maintained at a uniform temperature throughout the year and, therefore, its performance is not handicapped according to the temperature of the air, which suffers